• "Love it when you find a professional that you can trust and doesn't upsell."
    Peter C.
  • "His staff are very professional and always make me feel welcomed!"
    Erma O.
  • "Dr. Yeargain is not only intelligent, but was very gentle when diagnosing my foot condition."
    Kendra B.
  • "My first visit to Dr. Yeargain was excellent! He and his office staff were professional and took the time to answer my questions."
    Scott T.
  • "Dr. Yeargain and his staff made me feel completely at ease."
    Mark T.
  • "Dr Yeargain is a great doctor.. knowledgeable, professional, and very personable. Ronnie, the office manager, worked me in, which I appreciated. All the staff were efficient and friendly. All around, an excellent experience."
    Austin B.
  • "Definitely the best! Dr. Yeargain needed to amputate my infected toe & did a outstanding process. I was scared, however he helped me through it. superb physician & doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Yeargain & his staff to everyone with toe, foot or an ankle problem."
    Henry R.
  • "Dr. Yeargain has a concise and conversational way of explaining complex things in layman's terms."
    Axel N.
  • "Great sense of humor. Love this guy."
    Kelly C.
  • "Everyone is amazing and they genuinely CARE!"
    Megan P.
  • "Dr. Yeargain’s staff was excellent!! Never waited long. I highly recommend this doctor and his office."
    Micaela Y.
  • "Dr. Yeargain’s office staff is top notch. I highly recommend him!!!"
    Tara C.
  • "Dr Yeargain is very professional and efficient in giving information to patients. He and his staff are kind and informative. I am thankful that I found him on-line after looking at his reviews."
    Susan B.
  • "Knowledgeable and skillful doctor, excellent communicator. He diagnosed my foot problem quickly and confidently, listened patiently to my concerns, and provided sound practical advice for dealing with them. I'd highly recommend him to any friend or family member."
    Brent R.
  • "First visit today & was VERY impressed with Dr Yeargain - wish he had been in practice when I had bunion surgery years ago, I think I would have had a much better experience & outcome but so glad to have found him now!!!"
    Nancy E.
  • "Very happy. He truly cares about his patients. Not pushing of surgery like others. I feel at peace knowing that I'm in safe hands."
    Meghan J.
  • "Dr. Yeargain and his staff are great! I have been here a few times and found the wait time is always reasonable and everyone is always courteous. The appointment never feels rushed since Dr. Yeargain takes his time to learn what the issue is or how you are progressing. I highly recommend his practice."
    Gisela A.
  • "He took a practical, conservative approach and has a steady hand and demeanor."
    Sara F.
  • "Simply put...Dr. Yeargain is brilliant. The procedure could have been painful but he made it seem effortless and I basically felt nothing."
    Jay C.
  • "I have seen Dr. Yeargain for a few foot & ankle issues with very efficient, direct and timely diagnosis. Dr. Y tells it like it is, no BS! I've never had to wait more than a couple minutes. Both Dr. Y and his Staff hear what your saying, ask a few questions and share some sage advise before quickly getting you on your way. Works great for me, give the Doctor a call!"
    Rob M.
  • "The staff are very friendly and professional. Dr. Yeargain was pleasant and made me feel better about my issues. I would highly recommend this practice"
    Precious Y.

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