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Preventing Sports Injuries

A full one-quarter of sports injuries involve the feet and ankles, says the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. At Yeargain Foot & Ankle in Dallas, TX, Dr. Joseph Yeargain provides detailed foot care for both the professional and everyday athlete. Prevention is key to longevity for any sports enthusiast.

The most common sports injuries

If you run, play tennis, or enjoy a game of quick game soccer, you know that your feet and ankles can take a beating. You experience the occasional soreness, stiffness, or slight limp that comes from strenuous activity. However, acute and chronic injuries do require professional treatment.

The most common sports injuries treated at our Dallas office include:

  • Achilles tendinitis, affecting the band of connective tissue between the calf muscle and heel bone
  • Ankle sprain, a stretching or tearing of the supportive ligaments on the side of the ankle (repeat sprains lead to ankle instability, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association)
  • Shin splints, inflammation of the muscles and tendons at the sides of the tibia
  • Stress fractures, tiny breaks in the bones of the feet
  • Plantar fasciitis, overstretching of the connective tissue across the arch of the foot

If you have sudden or persistent pain, swelling, or tenderness during or after working out, don't push through your discomfort. Seek the advice of your podiatrist in his Dallas, TX, office. Sports injuries cannot be ignored.

Dr. Yeargin will perform a complete podiatric exam, X-rays, and other kinds of imaging, such as an MRI, as needed. Then, he will prescribe a rehabilitation plan suited to your injury, activity level, and long-term training goals.

Prevent those injuries

Follow these steps to avoid chronic or acute problems with your feet and ankles:

  1. Wear properly fitting footwear appropriate to your sport. Inspect your shoes regularly for tread wear, and replace them as needed. Dr. Yeargin can recommend the shoes best suited for your gait.
  2. Stay in good physical condition. Suddenly beginning a strenuous activity, such as running, often precipitates shin splints and ankle sprains. Start slowly and exercise regularly. Stretch and strengthen your legs for better flexibility and balance.
  3. Never workout or play a game if you are in pain.
  4. Use the RICE protocol if you hurt yourself: rest, ice the affected foot or ankle, compress with an elastic bandage, and elevate it. Contact Dr. Yeargin for advice and an office visit if needed.

Contact us

At Yeargin Foot & Ankle in Dallas, TX, sports injuries are just part of the comprehensive podiatric care that we provide. Dr. Joseph Yeargin helps patients of all ages maintain comfortable, active lifestyles. Call us for a consultation: (214) 824-3851.

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