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Do You Have Plantar Fasciitis?

How your podiatrist in Dallas, TX, can help with plantar fasciitis pain

If you suffer from chronic heel pain, it could be a sign of plantar fasciitis. It’s a common condition, especially for runners, joggers, and other athletes. Non-athletes can also suffer from plantar fasciitis. The good news is, your podiatrist can help. An expert in sports medicine, Dr. Joseph Yeargain of Yeargain Foot & Ankle in Dallas, TX, offers a wide range of foot care services, including treatment for plantar fasciitis.

More about plantar fasciitis

The thick band of tissue running across your heel is known as the plantar fascia. When this area becomes inflamed, it causes plantar fasciitis. There are several factors that can contribute to plantar fasciitis. You are at greater risk for plantar fasciitis if you:

  • Run, jog, or do other high-contact activities
  • Carry excess weight
  • Are flat-footed
  • Walk or stand on hard surfaces for long periods
  • Wear unsupportive or worn-out shoes

So, how do you know if you have plantar fasciitis? There are several signs and symptoms for you to pay attention to, including:

  • Having stabbing pain in and around your heel
  • Heel pain that increases when you take your first steps in the morning
  • Heel pain that increases when you stand up from a seated position
  • Heel pain that increases after you exercise, and not while you are exercising

There are several simple tips you can follow to decrease plantar fasciitis pain. Consider:

  • Avoiding going barefoot
  • Always wearing supportive shoes
  • Doing arch stretches every day
  • Placing ice packs on your heel several times each day
  • Taking over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Avoiding high impact exercises like running
  • Doing low impact exercises like swimming
  • Maintaining a healthy weight

As a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Yeargain can effectively treat plantar fasciitis in several ways. Common treatments include:

  • Physical therapy and stretches
  • Custom orthotics and inserts
  • Night splints to stretch your arches while you sleep
  • Steroid injections to decrease pain and inflammation
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy to stimulate healing
  • Prescription-strength medications to decrease inflammation

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Don’t let plantar fasciitis pain keep you from enjoying your life. Get some help by calling your sports medicine specialist, Dr. Joseph Yeargain of Yeargain Foot & Ankle in Dallas, TX, at (214) 824-3851. Call today to find relief from plantar fasciitis.

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